Date: September 26, 2016

Media Contact: Lauren Montgomery (501) 372-7301


RPA Chairman's Reaction to the first 2016 Presidential Debate


Little Rock, Ark.– Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman, Doyle Webb, issued the following statement on the results of the first presidential debate of 2016.

“We heard a strong vision for making America great again by Donald Trump while Hillary Clinton continued to perpetuate her decades of lies and corruption.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe this country is on the wrong track and Clinton made it clear that she will be the continuation of Obama’s failed policies. She's a career politician who continues to prove that she lacks the competence and judgement needed to run our country.

The first Presidential Debate of 2016 proves that Donald Trump has the temperament and strength to be the leader America needs for a safer, stronger nation.

As we’ve seen, Hillary’s poll numbers in Arkansas are dismal, proving that the people who know her best don’t want to see her as President. After this debate, the rest of the country will come to the same realization,” said Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb.