April 30, 2016

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District GOP Convention Delegates and Alternates Elected


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.–The Republican convention of each congressional district in Arkansas met today to elect 12 delegates and 12 alternates to the Republican National Convention.


The results are as follows:


First Congressional District Donald Trump delegates: Dorothy Crockett and Sarah Dunklin

Trump Alternates: Adam Hollowell and Adam C. Gray

First Congressional District Ted Cruz delegate: Sen. Linda Collins-Smith

Cruz Alternate: Bobbi Dodge


Second Congressional District Cruz delegates: Sen. Jason Rapert and Charlann Reely

Cruz Alternates: John Nabholz and Patricia Nation

Second Congressional District Marco Rubio delegate: U.S. Rep. French Hill

Rubio Alternate: Kerry Murphy


Third Congressional District Trump delegates: Keith Gibson and Lance Johnson

Trump Alternates: Kellly Proctor-Pierce and Rob A. Deal

Third Congressional District Cruz delegate: John Carr

Cruz Alternate: Rebecca Hedges


Fourth Congressional District Trump delegates: Eddie Arnold and J.D. McGehee

Trump Alternates: Barbara Deuschle and James Smith

Fourth Congressional District Cruz delegate: Diana Harton

Cruz Alternate: Barbara Durkee