Trump Bombs Syrian Air Base: Was He Justified? You Better Believe It.

President Trump addresses his decision to perform a limited strike in Syria.

When the rest of the world appears paralyzed, America has always been the place where the helpless can find a protector. However, at some point this burden we willingly accept has become subject to constant criticism.   

On Thursday night,  President Donald Trump solidified his place in the international arena and took unexpected action against Syria just days after Assad gassed his own people with chemical weapons. The administration, clearly taking the advice of our top generals into consideration, engaged the Syrian airbase where the chemical weapons were launched just days prior by launching 60 Tomahawk missiles from US Navy Ships off the coast of Syria.

This was a very proportional and well thought out engagement. While the Syrian civil war in itself is not enough to warrant the proactive interference of US military action, the constant violations of the Geneva Convention and the eventual use of chemical weapons by Assad could not go unanswered. 

After spending an hour watching the news last night, its not hard to imagine many Americans went to social media to see what others are saying about this action.  Some, not all, were vehemently ostracizing the President for attacking the airbase.

One cannot fathom how any decent American can condone the strike, as it was a direct and proportional response to an atrocity that left the world in awe. Some believed this would throw us into World War 3. Others thought this was some conspiracy to cooperate with the Russians to get a joint settlement deal with us involving oil. The nonsense was incredible. Just because they have a keyboard and a social media account does not automatically make them a subject matter expert in International Affairs. Perhaps they just hate giving credit to anyone they don't like.