A Vision Becomes Reality

The exterior view of the Gov. Asa Hutchinson Historium under construction.

The exterior view of the Gov. Asa Hutchinson Historium under construction.


LITTLE ROCK, AR- Construction is well underway at the Rockefeller Republican Center. The steel skeleton of the new Gov. Asa Hutchinson Historium has seemingly sprouted up from the ground overnight and has already eclipsed the current RPA homestead. There are temporary scars on the lawn and parking lot from the heavy equipment that has dug into it over the past few weeks. Foundation, plumbing, electric veins are being set to someday provide for good people who will one day soon enjoy it. 

Imagine for a moment your first time entering the new building, walking up and through the modern portico entrance into a reception area featuring a gallery of busts of Arkansan leaders. The reception area is open and inviting with historically significant displays placed around the room.

     Above you notice the glowing "Freedom Rings" layered in red, white, and blue. It is the centerpiece light fixture, appearing spacious and pleasant by accompanied sky lit windows. The new addition will also feature two public office spaces for all elected officials, friends, and volunteers to work in private or for an occasional meeting. 

     To the left, enter the door to the soon to be Huckabee Administration Wing and see RPA staff working busily in what is now the current office building. Step through the doors on the right of the reception room, and you may find Chairman Doyle Webb speaking to a group of 200+ attendees in the Hammerschmidt Hall, complete with a catering kitchen among other amenities.    

     While we here at the RPA continue our enthusiastic work to grow the Republican Movement in Arkansas, we are occasionally reminded by the banging steel and the roar of backhoes, of our humble beginnings, and the bright future all Arkansas Republicans will surely make possible. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, swing by the RPA headquarters and see it for yourself. It is the result of the hard work and dedication you and many other Arkansans earned and rightfully deserve.

     You can immortalize your name on a wall in the Parks Diversity Plaza by donating $150 and we will add a personalized brick, with your choice of text, to be proudly displayed for generations to come. Contact us at communications@arkansasgop.org for more details.