#Ossoff and Why the Democrats Can't Get It Together

"There is no amount of dark money, super PAC, negative advertising that can overcome real grassroots energy like this." - John Ossoff

Yes. The Democrat candidate with $8.3 million coming from outside of his district, even his state, said this. 

 Last night Georgia's 6th District flooded polls in the most heavily advertised election since Trump took the White House. A nationally-organized Democrat opposition brought itself upon the unsuspecting GA-6 citizens in momentous effort, and with all of the political capital they could muster. Unfortunately for them, no amount of outside help could have given John Ossoff a resounding victory. Prior to Georgians hitting the polls, the liberal hive-mind had media, donors, and celebrities pouring support into Ossoff's campaign as if it were the last place of viability for the Democrat Party.

At first glance this race should have been in the bag for Democrats. In total, Ossoff had over $8,300,000 sent his way from outside donors, not including the free marketing he received by national sources. This is unheard of for a small district in Georgia that normally accrues only $10,000 for its Democratic candidates. He also had a packed Republican ticket with nearly a dozen candidates to segregate their influence in this race. Considering the full weight of the Democrat Party fell on top of the small GA-6 district under these conditions and still couldn't pull off a victory should worry those who support him. 

Of course, most Democrats are publicly celebrating Ossoff's near-victory as if he has already been confirmed. Scrolling through Twitter last night would have most people assume that Ossoff was the decided victor even before 50% of the results were released. National media outlets joined this bandwagon and quietly retreated later on when realizing they may have let their excitement get the best of them. To me, these signs are eerily reminiscent of this past November: Hillary out-spending Trump 2 to 1, and the media acted like Falcons fans during the 3rd Quarter of Superbowl 51. 

So what does this mean for the big picture? 

Democrats are not operating strategically and clearly not interested in reforming their party after 8 years of being largely denied by the American people from the Presidency down to County offices. That should be their biggest priority, as over the years they have become increasingly more liberal while Republicans have been solid on issues for as long as we can remember. They have doubled down on using big money and political capital to win them seats instead of finding an identity that connects with the average American.

What I find most interesting is that the Democrat Party considers these races winnable solely because of their disgust for our President. So far that has not produced any viable rationale whatsoever, and here's why: There have been 6 congressional races thus far and only one seat has flipped, to the GOP no less. They blame Trump for everything that they see wrong with their situation instead of acknowledging that they are responsible for their own legacy and failures. We should not expect this mentality to change in the foreseeable future. 

Whatever comes of the GA-6 runoff has yet to be seen. However, Democrats are going to have a significantly difficult time giving Ossoff a winning edge in a head-to-head election with a Republican candidate. All of their resources were put into this race with nothing to show for it other than an extended expiration date.  


Trump Bombs Syrian Air Base: Was He Justified? You Better Believe It.

President Trump addresses his decision to perform a limited strike in Syria.

When the rest of the world appears paralyzed, America has always been the place where the helpless can find a protector. However, at some point this burden we willingly accept has become subject to constant criticism.   

On Thursday night,  President Donald Trump solidified his place in the international arena and took unexpected action against Syria just days after Assad gassed his own people with chemical weapons. The administration, clearly taking the advice of our top generals into consideration, engaged the Syrian airbase where the chemical weapons were launched just days prior by launching 60 Tomahawk missiles from US Navy Ships off the coast of Syria.

This was a very proportional and well thought out engagement. While the Syrian civil war in itself is not enough to warrant the proactive interference of US military action, the constant violations of the Geneva Convention and the eventual use of chemical weapons by Assad could not go unanswered. 

After spending an hour watching the news last night, its not hard to imagine many Americans went to social media to see what others are saying about this action.  Some, not all, were vehemently ostracizing the President for attacking the airbase.

One cannot fathom how any decent American can condone the strike, as it was a direct and proportional response to an atrocity that left the world in awe. Some believed this would throw us into World War 3. Others thought this was some conspiracy to cooperate with the Russians to get a joint settlement deal with us involving oil. The nonsense was incredible. Just because they have a keyboard and a social media account does not automatically make them a subject matter expert in International Affairs. Perhaps they just hate giving credit to anyone they don't like. 


Trump's Energy Independence Initiative is Angering Many for the Right Reasons

WASHINGTON D.C- President Donald Trump fulfilled one of his campaign promises this past week by signing an executive order which approves construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline. This is yet another victory for the American economy as it helps in making America and Canada big competitors with OPEC, and other oil producing countries. In the past, we have been at the mercy of OPEC and the Saudi oil regulators. 

OPEC has the world in such a grip that they can regulate the energy sectors and economies of any consumer state simply by adjusting prices and production. In the time that gas prices soared during the recession, the American people responded by investing in clean energy initiatives and more importantly, shale natural gas extraction. This method was rapidly growing in the US to combat the artificially high prices OPEC had on its oil. We then witnessed a decline in price at the pump in late 2013, it was because OPEC was overproducing oil and trying to starve out our new US domestic energy and natural gas endeavors. In my opinion, it is a form of economic terrorism waged against the United States. 

So far it has worked to their favor, but with President Trump's focus on energy independence in the United States it will be interesting to see how this develops down the road. The Keystone Pipeline approval is one of many steps Trump has already taken to ensure our energy independence. 

Of course, Democrats have tried to find a silver lining on this victory by walking back President Trump's comments on ensuring the pipeline is built by American hands, with American steel. They contend that the pipeline will not be built with American steel at all, and leave out a couple important facts.  

Prior to Trump winning the election, steel for the pipeline had already been bought and shipped from overseas companies for the pipeline. Through flawed reasoning, Democrats claim this invalidates Trumps promise to "Buy American, Hire American". But lets be honest with ourselves: Why would we place blame on Trump for something that occurred before his presidency, and also waste money by shipping the material back to the seller? In what universe does that make any sense?

It is important to note that this executive order specifically addresses this too, stating that all new materials purchased for the pipeline from here on out will be of American origin. There are now reports of environmentalist organizations threatening with "guerrilla warfare tactics" to stop the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Good Grief.