Date: August 17, 2016

Media Contact: Lauren Montgomery (501) 372-7301


‘Lack of Transparency' by Eldridge Campaign and Democratic Party 'Is Not Surprising'

family-funded Eldridge Victory Fund is funneling money to the State Party to

supplement the salary of Conner's campaign manager/younger brother


LITTLE ROCK --- On Wednesday, Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman, Doyle Webb issued the following statement regarding the lack of transparency by the Conner for Arkansas Campaign in connection with the Democratic Party of Arkansas:


"Conner Eldridge has said 'he backs a plan to make political groups disclose every dollar' and that he wants to 'empower the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to better enforce the law to crack down on those who abuse campaign finance.' Most recently he said 'one of the first things I will try to do in the Senate is to make that [the FEC] more transparent.' Evidently he does not mean that when it comes to his own campaign and his own party. He wants everyone else to do what he says, not what he does.”


According to the FEC, the DPA has received $47,000 from Conner Eldridge's victory fund, and since April 2016 the DPA has paid Conner's younger brother and campaign manager, Preston Eldridge, over $13,000. As shown by the Fund's own disclosure, Conner's victory fund has raised over $40,000 from family members alone. But the DPA has failed to disclose names of the donors of the Eldridge Victory Fund, which is in violation of Federal Election Law. It is quite clear that Conner's family is giving money, above the limits of what they are allowed to contribute, to Conner's victory fund in order to funnel the money to the DPA to supplement Preston Eldridge's salary.


"If this isn't dark money, then I don't know what is. With the top of the Democratic ticket being the queen of dishonesty and deception, the trickle-down hypocrisy and lack of transparency on the part of Conner and the DPA is not surprising," said Webb.