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Oct 19 2010

Two Weeks From Election Day, Boozman Maintains Strong Lead over Lincoln


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Alice Stewart


Two Weeks From Election Day, Boozman Maintains Strong Lead over Lincoln

Little Rock, Ark. - With two weeks until voters cast their ballots in Arkansas, Congressman John Boozman (R-AR) continues to hold a commanding double-digit lead over embattled incumbent U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) in the latest Talk Business Poll. Results released today show Boozman leading Lincoln, 49 percent to 36 percent, as voters head out to the polls in record numbers for early voting. As Roby Brock notes, “Boozman leads in all four congressional districts. If this pattern holds, Boozman would gain the broadest victory geographically of any Republican in the modern history of the state… Boozman has overwhelming support among Republicans (with 86.5%) and is easily winning independent voters (61.1%-18.6%)… [I]t is hard to see how [Lincoln] makes up the final ground with voters beginning to cast their votes in the early voting process.”

"No matter how hard Blanche Lincoln tries to run from her record, it’s clear that Arkansans have rejected her rubberstamp support for President Barack Obama’s reckless Washington agenda," said Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA) Senior Communications Advisor Alice Stewart. “In just two weeks, Arkansans are ready to elect John Boozman to the U.S. Senate because they know that he will represent their best interests and fight to rein in the out-of-control spending, debt, and taxes that Blanche Lincoln continues to champion in Washington.”

Today’s new poll comes on the heels of a report that Lincoln received a "half truth" rating from PolitiFact. John Brummett notes, “On the day she calls a news conference to decry John Boozman’s calling her a liar, Blanche Lincoln gets cited on, a Pulitzer winner for holding political candidates to truth in advertising, for an ad that is only a half-truth. It’s the one that hit Boozman for wanting a national sales tax without mentioning that was to replace the personal income tax.”

Meanwhile, the Boozman campaign launched its bus tour today and announced a new TV ad today featuring President Obama saying “I couldn’t have done it without Blanche Lincoln.”

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