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Feb 01 2012

Arkansas Democratic Legislator Sides With President Obama, Says Opponents “Don’t Like Jesus”

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February 1, 2012

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Katherine Vasilos

Rep. Garry Smith Sides With President Obama, Says Opponents “Don’t Like Jesus”

Little Rock, Ark. – Democratic State Rep. Garry Smith of Camden wasted no time Monday evening going to bat for President Barack Obama and his failed policies when appearing as the guest speaker at a Union County Democratic Club meeting.

“I am proud of his [President Barack Obama] leadership ability and tenacity,” Smith was quoted as saying in the El Dorado News-Times.Rep. Garry Smith

“While Arkansans are struggling in President Obama's economy, all Rep. Garry Smith is willing to do is defend the unfulfilled promises and failed policies of Barack Obama,” said Republican Party of Arkansas Communications Director Katherine Vasilos. “Clearly Mr. Smith is on the wrong team and is out of touch with the majority of Arkansans who disapprove of the President’s job performance.”

According to the article, Rep. Smith went on to incorrectly claim that “Republicans in Washington…don’t like Jesus.”

“Casting those who do not support President Obama’s failed policies as those who do not like Jesus is an ignorant statement that is deeply offensive to the people he represents,” said Vasilos. “To cast aspersions on people’s faith because they do not support President Obama’s agenda is illustrative of how out of touch state Democrats are with everyday Arkansans. Today, we call on the Democratic Party of Arkansas to denounce Rep. Smith for his attack on the religious citizens of our state.”


Rep. Smith Defends Failed Policies of Barack Obama

Smith: "He (Obama) inherited a terrible mess and had to be quite a man to take that position in the first place, and I am proud of his leadership ability and his tenacity." (Heather Hawley, “Smith speaks at Democratic Club’s inaugural meeting,” El Dorado News-Times , 2/1/12)

Rep. Smith Makes Faith-Based Attack on Republicans

Smith: “The Republicans in Washington are anti-everything. They don’t like Jesus, I am pretty sure of that." (Heather Hawley, “Smith speaks at Democratic Club’s inaugural meeting,” El Dorado News-Times , 2/1/12)

Overwhelming Majority of Arkansas Disapprove of President Obama

According to a Talk Business/Hendrix College survey, 63.5 percent of Arkansans disapprove of the job President Barack Obama is doing. (ARKANSANS RATE OBAMA JOB PERFORMANCE: 2-TO-1 NEGATIVE,” Talk Business , 9/19/11)
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