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Oct 27 2010

Countdown to Real Change: Lincoln Cut Medicare for Arkansas Seniors

Countdown to Real Change

October 27, 2010
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Alice Stewart

Lincoln Cut Medicare For Arkansas Seniors

LITTLE ROCK, AR – With only six days until Election Day, the Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA) continued its “Countdown to Real Change for Arkansas,” highlighting some of the key reasons why voters are rejecting U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln’s (D-AR) out-of-touch agenda in Washington.

Lincoln backed a roughly $500 billion cut to Medicare for Arkansas seniors when she cast the deciding 60th vote for ObamaCare. Despite the fact that the majority of Arkansans rejected the bill, Lincoln supported President Barack Obama’s chief legislative priority, which hurt seniors in her state.

“Blanche Lincoln put President Obama’s agenda before Arkansas seniors’ best interests when she cast the 60th vote for his massive and costly health spending bill,” said RPA Senior Communications Advisor Alice Stewart. “John Boozman will continue to fight for the seniors, families, farmers, and job creators in Arkansas instead of his party leaders in Washington, and that’s why he leads Lincoln in recent public polls.”


The Senate Health Care Bill Cut “Nearly $500 Billion In Funding For Medicare.” “The Senate is poised in a Christmas Eve vote to adopt a sweeping overhaul of the entire health care sector without taking the time to fully vet the consequences of transferring so much control of the private marketplace to the federal government. . . . Cutting nearly $500 billion in funding for Medicare, a program already facing obligations 2.5 times greater than projected revenue, is a high-risk endeavor, particularly since it involves reducing payments to doctors. If the hoped-for cost savings are not achieved, seniors will lose benefits and see reduced access to health care providers.” (Editorial, “Unhealthy Hurry,” The Detroit News, 12/23/09)

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