March 2, 2016

Chairman Webb On Historic Voter Turnout

LITTLE ROCK – Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman, Doyle Webb, has issued the following statement on an unprecedented Republican primary voter turnout:

“This has been a historic year for Arkansas. Moving the primary up to March 1st, allowed Arkansans to have a voice in determining the presidential nominee. Our voters have had multiple chances to see and hear from Republican presidential candidates in person. Just last night, we saw the largest voter turnout the state has experienced in a presidential year. Roughly 62% of Arkansans voted for a Republican this year compared to nearly 42% 2012.

It is clear that Arkansans best identify with conservative values and less with the job-killing, liberal policies of Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. This historic Republican primary voter turnout proves that Arkansans want to see a Republican in the white house in 2016.”