A new building for the new majority

In 2014, the people of Arkansas elected record numbers of GOP candidates. Republicans now hold every state constitutional office, every federal legislative seat, and the majority in both the State House and State Senate.

With all these gains, we quickly realized we didn’t even have enough chairs in our headquarters building for the State House Caucus! It’s a great problem to have, but the time has come that our facilities must expand to keep up with the Party.

We’re already on our way. The Party recently purchased 1205 W. 6th Street, the building adjacent to our current headquarters near the Capitol. The vision is that 1201 and 1205 will be merged into a single multi-function complex, the Rockefeller Republican Center.

The plan is to build-as-we-go, with the goal of not incurring debt, or impairing operational funds. We need all of our supporters’ help. We hope you’ll consider being a part of this exciting project!



1. A Phased Approach
The total proposed expansion will likely occur in
3-4 smaller phases. The first phase, purchase of the building next door at 1205 West 6th Street, is already complete.

2. A Pay-As-We-Go Plan
The plan is to build as funds become available
via donations, with the goal of not incurring
debt or impairing operational funds.

3. A Facility that Meets Multiple Needs
The increased space will be an asset for the
entire Party -- the caucuses, support groups,
elected officials, county and district committees,
and even campaigns.